Core Technologies
BeautifyFace SDK can provide all kinds of function modules,and meet the needs of multiple scenarios.

All-side face beautification

It can adjust the effects of BeautifyFace freely,optimize user experience,support multilevel adjustment, including whitening, skin smoothing, ruddiness and so on.

Dynamic stickers

BeautifyFace SDK is based on multi-point face recognition technology and Dynamic rendering technology,it can realize various 2D dynamic stickers.

Facial beautification

It uses the key points of face detection , adjusts facial features in real time, beautifies the shape of the eyes , mouth and face.


It uses image enhancement tecgnology to create rich filters:romantic effects,Freshing effects,aesthetic effects,matte effects,and switches multiple styles.

Dithering effects

It shows a variety of interesting and cool dithering effects,including:soul out,burr effects,effects of illusion,etc.

Face Fun

It is based on image scaling and deformation algorithms, deforming or distorting human faces, including “alien faces” , pear-like faces and so on.

One-click beautification

It optimizes and adjusts the face in an all-round way, including: standard effects, elegant effects, cute effects, internet celebrities and others.

Static watermark

It supports adding static watermark pictures on the top, bottom, left, and right positions of the screen to protect users' original rights.

The Effects
All-side face beautification
Dynamic stickers
Facial beautification
Face Fun
One-click beautification
Application Acenarios
Live video
Short video
Social platforms
intelligent hardware
Beauty Camera
Product Advantages
  • Multi-platform adaptation

    It supports Android、iOS,and adapt to the sdk of major manufacturers perfectly

  • Accurate recognition

    With 106 face recognition points, it has better tracking performance in backlight or dark light conditionss

  • Support offline mode

    It has offline mode, selfie device can also call the function without Internet authorization

  • Fast access

    It has fast access speed, rapid integration, small installation package and low power consumption

Adaptation Manufacturer
BeautifyFace SDK has been adapted to many manufacturers and supports most streaming protocols on the market
Provide BeautifyFace SDK access services for more than 0000 live broadcast and short video platforms around the world
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